Canada’s betting on sports The Bill C-218 Advances

Huge news for Canadian sports wagering enthusiasts. Bill-C218, which will legalize wagering on individual sporting events in Canada, has passed its second reading in the Senate.

The Canadian Senate announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday, adding that the proposed legislation will be submitted for approval to the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade, and Commerce. The measure will then return to the Senate for a third and final reading, after which the Royal Assent will be required for final passage into Canadian law.


If and when the Canadian sports betting bill is officially enacted, it will amend the country’s Criminal Code to permit legal sports betting on all events except horse racing. Local sports enthusiasts will have access to a vast array of legal betting options.


The Bill Enjoys Broad Support

Since its introduction by its sponsor, Senator David Wells, the measure to legalize sports betting in Canada has received overwhelming support.


Though likely to be accepted all the way through the necessary processes, the bill is now caught up in a race against time and the potential of an impending election. Should the proposed legislation not enjoy the necessary priority in terms of time, it will likely have to be re-introduced next year all over again. In addition, the impending summer recess of the Senate may cause an untimely delay in the successful passage of Bill C-218.


The Major Drive For The Pass

The good news is that a number of prominent Crown corporations as well as private gaming and other institutions are pressing for the passage of the Canadian sports betting bill to be given top priority.


One such Crown corporation is the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), which recently filed an urgent request with the Senate to consider the bill as a priority so that it can be passed prior to the Senate’s summer recess from June 26 to September 20.


This week, BCLC president and CEO Lynda Cavanaugh stated that Bill C-218 will give the company the authority and ability to provide Canadian sports betting devotees with a safe and secure means of enjoying premium offerings.


Canada will receive a significant economic boost as a result of revenue spent on sports betting Canada activities remaining in the country as opposed to being pumped into the United States by Canadians crossing the border for their legal sports betting fix.

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